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Alcatraz Guard Tower Restoration Project 2013

Kleen Blast Restoration Alcatraz Prison

The tower is one of the few first historic structures immediately seen when landing at the dock on the legendary Alcatraz Island. "It stands a centurion watch over the main road and tourists arriving Alcatraz Island," describes Jasun Boles, Bara Infoware Site Superintendent and Quality Control Manager for the Alcatraz Dock Guard Tower preservation project. Kleen Blast supplied blasting media and equipment for the project. I got a chance to get down to some nitty gritty about the project and here is a snapshot of what we talked about. Read more >>

Al Capone Yacht Restoration Project

Kleen Blast Restoration of Al Capone Yacht

You can't help but be excited when a call comes for guidance to restore Al Capone's yacht, the long out of service Acania II. The 136 foot motor yacht has an illustrious history and a Who's Who cast of characters. Not only was Chicago mobster Al Capone an "unlisted" owner but Pharmaceutical heir Charles Walgreen, jazz legend Mr. Miles Davis and the United States are also on the list. Read more >>



Static build up is an issue for blasting operations because dust is always present. And static charge must be continuously dissipated to prevent an accumulation of an electrostatic charge that can result in a spark, which can cause an explosion. A few simple steps taken to properly ground the blast cabinet and flex hoses during installation and maintenance will control static electricity and produce a safer, more comfortable, and optimally efficient blast operation. Read more >>

Why plastic media blasting and Kleen Blast/HD Supply?

Why plastic media blasting and Kleen Blast/HD Supply?

LVI’s VP Chris Pechon explains:
“We’re restoring roughly 360 window frames back to their original condition. What makes it especially challenging is not only the fact that there’s several layers of lead-based paint that was actually baked on, but that we’re required to keep the original glass intact without damaging it. Read more >>

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