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Blast Equipment & Abrasives Resources

This page contains resources and downloads about our products and services and about Kleen Blast Abrasives Warehouse. We will continue to update this library frequently to keep you informed and make sure you have easy access to all the information you need. Please check back often!

Blast Equipment & Abrasives Documents

PDF CARBKleen Blast Abrasive Certification (PDF - 293KB)

PDF California Air Resources Board – Abrasive Certification(PDF - 708KB)

PDF CARB Policy Same Source Extension 1 (PDF - 702KB)

PDF GrayStar Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide(PDF - 301KB)

PDF Garnet KB Select North America Garnet CARB Certification (PDF - 595KB)

PDF Kleen Blast Credit Application (PDF - 82KB)

Blast Equipment & Abrasives Brochures

PDF Kleen Blast - Premium Engineered Blast Abrasive (PDF - 300KB)

PDF Kleen Blast - Certifications (PDF - 115KB)

PDF Kleen Blast Catalog (PDF - 14MB)

PDF Case Study – Alcatraz Guard Tower Restoration Project 2013 (PDF - 349KB)

Blast Equipment Manuals

PDF 1 in. Piping with Combo-Micro Valve Remote Controls - 1.5 cu. ft Vessels(PDF - 63 KB)

PDF 1 in./ 1-1/4in. Piping with Combo-Micro Valve Remote Controls - 3.5-10 cu. ft Vessels(PDF - 68KB)

PDF A-300 Automation Kit For ZERO BNP 220 Suction Cabinet(PDF - 111KB)

PDF Apollo 20 LP Supplied-Air Respirators(PDF - 139KB)

PDF Apollo 60 LP Supplied-Air Respirator(PDF - 151KB)

PDF Apollo 600 LP Supplied-Air Respirators(PDF - 186KB)

PDF Blast Hose, 2-Braid(PDF - 129KB)

PDF Blast Machine Screens and Covers(PDF - 38KB)

PDF Blast Machines and Remote Controls(PDF - 2559KB)

PDF Blast Suit and Gloves(PDF - 609KB)

PDF BNP 250 & 260 Wetblast Cabinets(PDF - 275KB)

PDF BNP 65 Suction Blast Cabinet(PDF - 265KB)

PDF BNP Double 220 Suction Blast Cabinets(PDF - 198KB)

PDF BNP Suction Blast Guns(PDF - 154KB)

PDF BULLARD 41 Series Respirator Filters(PDF - 151KB)

PDF CMS Series Carbon Monoxide Alarms(PDF - 267KB)

PDF CQP Nylon Quick Couplings(PDF - 132KB)

PDF Ergo-Blast/Fa-Strip Cabinets(PDF - 855KB)

PDF High-Volume Coalescent Filter(PDF - 135KB)

PDF MediPulse Suction Blast Cabinet(PDF - 383KB)

PDF Model Cap-1 Apollo Ambient Air Pumps(PDF - 233KB)

PDF NHP Nylon Nozzle Holders(PDF - 118KB)

PDF Pro-Finish Cabinets(PDF - 1087KB)

PDF ProFormer Cabinets(PDF - 186KB)

PDF PRS Blast & Recovery Systems(PDF - 259KB)

PDF Pulsar III & Pulsar VI Blast Cabinets (PDF - 876KB)

PDF Pulsar IX Blast Cabinet with Power Module(PDF - 464KB)

PDF Pulsar® lll-PE Pressure Blast Cabinet(PDF - 996KB)

PDF Soft King Lightweight Systems(PDF - 986KB)

PDF SUPA Blast Hose(PDF - 167KB)

PDF TLR-50 Pneumatic Pressure Release Remote Controls(PDF - 512KB)

PDF TLR-50 Pneumatic Remote Controls(PDF - 958KB)

PDF Tumble Belt/Tumble Barrel/DCM-161 Mini Tumble Blast Cabinets(PDF - 1678KB)

PDF Tungsten Carbide Lined Rubber Jacketed Nozzles(PDF - 57KB)

PDF ZERO Cabinet Dust Collectors(PDF - 2584KB)

Blast Equipment & Abrasives Videos

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